The world is being run on time, by time, for time, and at no time are we free

Just to sit and enjoy even the outward forms of the BelovedŐs beauty.


Each drop-bubble in time is a sphere bounded, but infinite;

So fragile, yet the whole creation is held in it.


It is a mirror reflecting, never Truth, but the drop-soulŐs desires,

No matter how deep one dives in the truth-quest or how high one aspires.


Good man, bad man – economy-tailored or king-sized –

Each gazes in his bubble-mirror self-hypnotized.


Since the blows of my will are too feeble to break my looking-glass,

At least, Beloved, let it reflect only your all-loving face.


Then, though still in time, I will no longer be a fool

Under timeŐs tyranny, but under your benign rule.


The amazing universe and this beautiful earth will vanish leaving no trace behind,

When His glance shatters this so unbreakable mirror of my mind.




From ÔThe Beloved is All in AllŐ. The title is mine.

Copyright: AvatarŐs Abode Trust, Woombye Queensland.

All rights reserved.

Published in the USA by Beloved Books,

599 Edison Drive, East Windsor, New Jersey 08520