Instead of hand-outs wouldn't it be better not to have any poor?

Instead of locks wouldn't it be better not to have any door?


Childish questions, yes. But I've been wondering did Jesus' lilies

Set gates up, or hold out a petal for food? But perhaps they were sillies.


They raised banners... their faces... high and marched over the hill

(But they carried no slogans, they were only playing at drill).


Wouldn't it be grand if there were no poor and no food-clothes donors,

But all were rich and strove in friendly strife for poverty's honours...


Marching to the City of Love, to the Beloved's palace,

Sweeping the steps with their eye-brows to force him to show his face?


And he sitting in the Diamond Hall welcoming everyone...

And his feet white as mountain snow and his face shining like the sun.


From such a world I would never wish to be absent for long...

Men and women and children like lilies of the field, full of song.




From ‘In Dust I Sing’. The title is mine.

Copyright: Avatar’s Abode Trust, Woombye Queensland.

All rights reserved.

Published in the USA by THE BEGUINE LIBRARY

Berkeley, California 94701