We have no way of sounding the depths of Is-ness of Him.

We have no way of measuring the extent of His divine whim.


He has given us figures such as an ocean without a shore,

To try and stretch our hearts, lever open our sleepy eyelids a notch more.


Gorged on seafood (cannibalism) we cannot listen;

All we can do is to climb on a wave crest and glisten.


Male-glisten and female-glisten with greater or lesser reflection.

Take away the bubble and the drop loses itŐs attraction.


He has given us figures, woven them into the fabric of our dream.

Sometimes in the deep night when the sea is quiet they fitfully gleam.


I think of the star-stitches on His beautiful dark blue coat –

And His Isness, while still incalculable, is not remote.


He has given us figures – but more than that, the lustre of His eyes

To dream upon and establish the planes of a New Paradise.




From ÔThe Beloved is All in AllŐ. The title is mine.

Copyright: AvatarŐs Abode Trust, Woombye Queensland.

All rights reserved.

Published in the USA by Beloved Books,

599 Edison Drive, East Windsor, New Jersey 08520