The singer is Peter Davies. His CD ‘A Song Or Two Ago’ is available with more ghazals and original songs by Francis Brabazon. Contact me.


My journey to you had been through thousands of trials requiring thousands of courages;

And you asked me, when I arrived, did I know about the rising price of cabbages.


I had pierced my heart with holes, making it a flute for your pleasure;

And found I should have made it into a cup, for wine is your treasure.


I came to you in rags, and found you surrounded by the well-dressed.

I acquired wealth; and you said, “By poverty is one’s worth assessed.”


You did not speak in parables, but discoursed in plain speech;

But your simplest words were utterly beyond my reach.


You said, “Hang around. One day I will make you the leader of a host.”

And I found myself one of a witless crowd crying, Lost, lost, lost!


Somehow the days run on into months and the years pass

And I still stand at your door with a held-out empty glass.


Yet at your word the universe of stars streamed out to light

Only my path to you, Beloved, and our secret night.



From ‘The Beloved is All in All’. The title is mine.

Copyright: Avatar’s Abode Trust, Woombye Queensland.

All rights reserved.

Published in the USA by Beloved Books,

599 Edison Drive, East Windsor, New Jersey 08520