Singer: Peter Davies. His CD ‘A Song Or Two Ago’ is available. More ghazals and original songs by Francis Brabazon. Contact me.



There was brave singing in the street last night for the vintner declared

An end to grief’s winter, and many spring time secrets with us shared.


And many a knight of the cup threw discretion to the wind

And unwound one of those melodies only a lover finds.


By God, but those glances that the Beloved was flashing

Were nutcrackers to our hearts, and floods from eyes were splashing.


How lovely the moon looked as the dark edged clouds scudded past her

And she emerged like a swimmer from foam to glimpse her dear Master.


The real melody was the wine pouring from the demijohn’s throat

Each singer was a descant recklessly pledging note against note.


The beloved Master was hugely amused at the loving quarrel

Of each singer against each to outdo him and win the night’s laurel.


When the last drops were drained and song settled into a sigh

Young dawn was scattering rose petals all over the sky.




From ‘In Dust I Sing’. The title is mine.

Copyright: Avatar’s Abode Trust, Woombye Queensland.

All rights reserved.

Published in the USA by THE BEGUINE LIBRARY

Berkeley, California 94701